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Tragedy Of Modern Ages

This song is by Revocation and appears on the album Existence Is Futile (2009).

Silence, the hymn to the somber lands,
As nuclear winter descends,
Wraiths of past nations linger and loom.
In the shadows of history's death.

An unsustainable standard of affluence
Has decimated the makings of man
And commodity's gaping influence
Has distorted and defiled all the land.

Written in a timeless script,
The tragedy of modern ages
Cries forth the dismal fate of man
In bloodied, tear-stained pages
Trapped within a fabricated world
Of Gods encased in metal beams,
Subsumed and enveloped in synthetic dreams.

Evolution holds a cunning trap--
The misfortunes of the human
Are his works, though brilliant they may be,
They've led him to his ruin.

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