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The Gift You Gave

This song is by Revocation and appears on the album Revocation (2013).

Emptiness in my bones
The void you left me
Woe is all I know
Shackled to melancholy
Delving deep inside
Scrape away the crust
Revealing what I hide
All that's left is a husk

Replay it over again

Memories affixed in my mind
Your remembrance is a bane
With every stroke of your pen
Authoring my pain

This is what I've become, what you have made
I will curse your name till my final day
Burying love in a frostbitten grave
Undying hatred, the gift you gave

Fractured and fragmented
Forever cold to this world
Ice coursing through my veins
Animosity unfurled
You are the sour taste
That still lingers on my tongue
I will curse your name
Till the dying breath that leaves my lungs

(Solo: Dave)

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