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Summon The Spawn

This song is by Revocation and appears on the EP Summon The Spawn (2006) and on the album Empire Of The Obscene (2008).

Driven into depths I stumble
Infinite subterranean abyss
All reality now crumbles.
Descending through endless black pits.
Pushing too far I hungered for knowledge
Wanting oneness with entities numinous,
Punished for excess ambition,
Tormented by evil spirits numerous.
Tormented- still I push on.
Why did I seek this communion chthonic?
Desire defying foreboding for death,
Septic specters invading my body and spawning,
A bane borne in my blood that is sapping my health.
Possessed by the spirits of the underworld.
Descend into madness as chaos unfurls.
Lust for power of the ancients was my crime.
Sentenced to eternal suffering for all time.
Wanting too much, greed gets inside.
Internalized sin, nowhere to hide,
Nowhere to hide.
The horrors inside me, haranguing, push on
Infection in my soul, all sanity is gone.
Relentless- Summon the Spawn.
Pitch-black passage concluding, as the portal now approaches.
Red glow stings long-closed eyes, as light tendrils growing stronger.
Emerge in immense cavern where foul odors lurking loathsome.
And flesh melts from my frame! Skin cells functioning no longer.
Magma monstrosity looming before me
Surging serpentine stream of still living flesh
Occult curiosity will finally be satisfied-
What does eternity feel like, with no hope of death?
Compelled by my captors I walk to the shore
And madly fling myself into the burning waves
Melted, fragmented, physicality splintered
Yet each scattered cell to immortality enslaved.

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