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Pestilence Reigns

This song is by Revocation and appears on the album Existence Is Futile (2009).

I can hear the sirens screaming from the sky
What will it take for me to sleep through the fucking n9ght? For now it is over
But how long will it last? A new day reveals the destruction, the onlookers just gasp
Mortar rounds and napalm
A city under siege
Mothers clutch their dying children
Don't tell me, this is just another casualty
Pestilence reigns, bringer of plagues - The end is near
How can there be a tomorrow? There was no today
Catastrophic, misanthropic, darkness is now underway
The light of the future comes only from bruning remains
Another sleepless night, another air raid
I can feel the terror set in, coursing through my veins
Annihilation, anxiety, my fearful thoughts drowned out by the deafening artillery

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