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Numbing Agents

This song is by Revocation and appears on the album Revocation (2013).

Possessed and mindless,
Completely lacking substance
Worshipping gossip and insipid excess

Consumed by consumption
Devoted to dysfunction
This is what you've become
Vapid, empty

You cannot help yourself,
Obsessed with nothing else but blather
Glorified banality,
With no humanity just chatter

Zombified, the bran dead now arise
With desire in their eyes
And nothing on their minds
Can I defy? Or be commercialized
We must sever the ties that bind

What has bred this culture?
Full of distractions
Caring not for significant issues,
Only for coming attractions

Programmed by programming
Stupefaction is what they bring
Liquefied brains melting
Cling to nothing

(Solo: Dave)

These numbing agents,
Spreading their contagion
Infecting our society
We have fallen into a deep narcosis
Enslaved yet thinking we are free

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