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None Shall Be Spared (All Shall Be Speared)

This song is by Revocation and appears on the album Empire Of The Obscene (2008).

Taste of the poison sword.
Without warning I will hunt you down; I'll run you through.
Malice is my reward.
My whole existence, violating and tormenting fools.
Worship my hateful idols
Omnipotence assured.
A victor without rivals, a twisting, swirling chaos lord.
Grieve... lamenting fallen brothers.
Retch... stench of gruesome remains.
My bloodied touch behind all suffering
Ever wreaked upon the plains.
I dwell in devastation.
Carnage declares my name.
Merciless assassination
Disembody you by axe and shrapnel, blade and flame.
To look at my face is demise.
My eyes blaze with captured souls.
A god of unlimited power
Beyond all mortal control.
Decimation, ruination -
I bring these plagues upon thee:
Hate! Rape! Carnage massacre!

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