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Leviathan Awaits

This song is by Revocation and appears on the album Existence Is Futile (2009).

A team of researchers descend through the deep, in search of he who sleeps.
Cascading down into the black unknown, where foul lurkers roam.
The crew achieves depths that no one has ever attained.
They gaze in wonder at the creatures that roam the abyssal plain.
They plummet to the deepest trench, explorers in search of leviathan.
They wish to gain a glimpse of the beast, it'll be the last they ever see.
Thermal sensors detect a life form of enormous magnitude.
The crew foolishly proceeds; its slumber has been disturbed.
1,000 eyes open all at once.
The crew horrified they know not what they've done.
The captain calls to reverse the course, so that the crew might escape.
A doomed fate is upon them, now that the monster's awake.
Its barbed tentacles unfurl and coil around the vessel.
The craft is no match for the beast, its teeth shred through the metal.

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