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Existence Is Futile

This song is by Revocation and appears on the album Existence Is Futile (2009).

Chaotic Dystopia
A nucleus malign
Blasting waves of discord, warping bounds of space and time
Seething, grasping primal leech seeping throughout existence, saps univcersal energy to shapeless, fearsome, fell: A permanent apocalypse, beyond endless wastes, infinte vacant spaces must be crossed
To enter into territory of eternal holocaust
Unable to comprehend the nothingness, As I rise into the unspeakable void
Absorbed, digested by the chaos realm, consciosness implodes as I leave my physical form
Relinquish all self-importance
Recognize your pitiful state
All life meaningless and empty- wretched cycle, no escape
Struggling yet gaining nothing
As celestial pyres burn
Existence is futitle and to nothingness we shall return

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