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Exhumed Identity

This song is by Revocation and appears on the album Empire Of The Obscene (2008).

A howling wasteland, all that remains in my mind
Is sacrilegious savagery, I defile all I find
Within my seclusion, prayers are as worthless as pity
By rottenness consumed, I spit my bile at sanctity
You look into my eyes, malice is all you'll find
Devoid of sympathy, exhumed identity
Jagged mark inscribed in my palms, stigmatized
I breathe a hollow breath of broken pride
The pain that I conceal is putrescent
Rotting me. I'll cut it free. All my sins I now repent
You are powerless - crumble at my feet
Strike with iron fist - crush mercilessly
Domination reigns down with every blow
Viciously I reduce you to nothing
Shadowed by a wraith of misery
An inborn infection
But when I try to bury it and flee
It's exhumed and resurrected

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