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Entombed By Wealth

This song is by Revocation and appears on the album Revocation (2013).

Building up your empire by any means necessary
Your only goal was to aspire
To a selfish life devoid of charity

Never caring for those in need
Accumulation of assets driven by greed
Your health has failed you in your later years
A corpse to be stricken with fear

Your palace is now your tomb,
But no one will mourn at your grave
Entombed by wealth, by greed consumed,
Death is the debt you must pay

The shriveled shells of kings
Rotting in their crypts
All your wealth you leave behind,
Your legacy doesn't mean shit

Clutching your scepter, adorned with jewels
Here lies the end of a pitiful rule
A decaying corpse cloaked in excess
From avaricious affluence to nothingness

(Solo: Dan)

(Solo: Dave)

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