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Empire Of The Obscene

This song is by Revocation and appears on the album Empire Of The Obscene (2008).

From humble beginnings
A tyrant arises.
To profit from sinning
Can carry harsh prices.
The obstacle of family
And inhibitions of pride,
A ruthless monopoly
For wealth, he chose to be despised
Circumstances compel that he hide his face
As filth satisfies crudest yearnings.
Raids drive his business from place to place,
Manipulation disguises his earnings.
"You can't convict me for obscenity
Look at all your failed indictments.
I'll flaunt my ill-gained amenities
In the face of your moral rightness."
"In arrogance inspiring spite,
Your avarice betrays your might.
The tyrant defiant, deposed and jailed,
Evasive concealment of wealth unveiled."
It's a force-fed falsehood,
When money in itself is a goal
Corruption the able tool
To stifle self control.
Empire of the Obscene
Crumbling down.

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