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This song is by Revocation and appears on the album Existence Is Futile (2009).

On the brink of a total collapse the jackals laughing now
Civil unrest growing every day, world governments are crumbling down
Calculated economic devastation spreads across the globe
Hidden agendas of voracious corpotations have been exposed
Nations reeling from a crippling blow, a dying system bleeds
The ones who bludgeoned feel no remorse, overrun by greed
Disgusting lust for wealth
Swine revel in their filth
Pay for your avarice
In greed they trust
Where's the fucking outrage? Our futures vanished overnight and the ones on top sit back and watch the world burn from their palaces
We rested assured, while behind closed doors
Corruption was running rampant
Everything we worked for has gone up in flames
Now it's time to make them pay
Exile the executives, let none escape
Sentenced to imprisonment, their arrogance has sealed their fate

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