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Arch Fiend

This song is by Revocation and appears on the album Revocation (2013).

The beast is here with all of us
Exerting its malign influence
Warping and twisting our minds
Molding us to become one with its kind

Invading our homes, poisoning our families
Its influence grows,
Slowly becoming one with the beast
Hear its words, its whispers growing louder still
Dividing man against his brother, bending us to its will

We gaze hypnotically into its single glowing eye
Mesmerizing the populace so that we may comply

Behold the archfiend
Harbinger of animosity
Callous and obscene
The lord of lies and bigotry

(Solo: Dan)

Indoctrinating our youth, embedding itself within
Staring into the glare,
Receiving its hidden transmissions
Bear witness to its corrupting force
Spreading its influence, with iniquity at its source

The demon's power grows
The longer that we remain in a trance
Holding dominion over us, fostering ignorance

(Solo: Dave)

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