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Anthem Of The Betrayed

This song is by Revocation and appears on the album Existence Is Futile (2009).

I take my stand today against the ones in my life who always seem to betray.

This is my final reckoning. Those who try to manipulate will be cast out, only I decide my fate. The era of lies is at its end.
Your treachery is sickening.
All those words that you said to me were nothing more than prepared statements.
Your treachery is sickening.

Now all the liars feast on their own fucking tongues. Choking out the treason. Silence the serpents, let them drown in their venom. I purge myself of this poison. Your web of lies has come undone.

Never again.

Watch how quickly they'll turn upon themselves.
Nowhere to go, there's nothing left, there's no one else.

Their selfish deeds only serve their own agendas.
Isolated, the bridges you've burned are now reduced to embers.

We take our stand today and scream out loud the Anthem of the Betrayed.

This is our final reckoning.
Now the cleansing is complete no longer undermined by those who seek to deceive.
Banished are my enemies.

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