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Age Of Iniquity

This song is by Revocation and appears on the album Empire Of The Obscene (2008).

The dead city of men
Rises against a blackened sky
Rancid cancerous flesh,
The scent of decay where afflicted lie.
Radiation -
The blaze of sun shears through the clouds
Ripping torment -
In polluted wastes mutations abound.
Soul-sick men, barred from reason,
Perverted beyond consciousness,
Deranged, no longer rational,
Deluded fools filled with ignorance
Animal instincts
Irreconciled with mental constructs
Dual existence,
Entangled in self-conflict
Immersed in sickness
I scream my disgust in a deafened void.
Overcome with weakness,
Stifled by the poison of corporate lords.
Driven into deprivation,
Tortured son of a bastard nation.
Unrestrained industrialization
Self assures destruction.
Trapped in a colossal labyrinthine citadel,
All else has ceased to exist.
Frenzied, frantic, violent, panicked
Succumbed to hopelessness.

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