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A Visitation

This song is by Revocation and appears on the album Revocation (2013).

Faint sounds coming from my window,
Is someone there?
Mind playing tricks again
Must be the midnight air

A foreigner in a far away land
Growing ill at ease
Wear from my travels
Succumbing to fatigue

A visitation from the spirit realm
By haunting visions overwhelmed

Dreamscape of a memory
A place so familiar
Is this reality?
Reflections from the mind's mirror

Awakened as the drapery falls
Entangled in the veil
Confused in a cold sweat
Lying naked and pale

Tentacled horrors
Burst forth from below the ground
A sinister voice echoes
From the sky with a thunderous sound
The specter hovers above like a black cloud
Casting its shadow, an ominous shroud

(Solo: Dave)

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