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Forgotten Empire

This song is by Revelation.

Sleeping devil open his dozine eyes...
Pious soul create kingdom of tyranny
Their dumb wail fixes the lowliness

The sadness rules this forgotten empire
In shadow of high cross is falling one
Cold tears realized you're
You're walking the path to unknown

The somebodyes eyes are watching the confused motion
Arms of dark tired and alone
Trying to show the right way in this perfect illusions
Calls of hopelessnes in the heart
Blood is flowing down scarred hands
Alone that your life is only fraund...
And death is near...

Deep pain in your eyes hides the sad of mad mind
It has confessed that you were only slave
It's late and you die with last wish
To understand insesible world of your life and belief
Blood is flowing down scarred hands
It's tricking slowly to emptiness

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