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It's Time to Grow Up

This song is by Retrospective and appears on the album Stolen Thoughts (2008).

So grow up and cross to the other side
What's a matter?! Don't you change your life?
Oh, it is so real! Dance my monkey, you cannot be free
Eat your lies, betray the innocent dreams
There is no place for a sadness and tears
Don't you realize?!
Common! Common! It's a suicide

Impassive shout, they are drowned. Morbid speed... Putrid game...

If I could in a one breath drink huge oceans of lies
I would be what I could be, I would see what I've never seen
Summertime in a snowy day, all my pride with required shame
All is different now...

No more barefoot mornings. No more quiet evenings
There's an upset old man. No more barefoot mornings.

The whisper in my head's so delicate it's sounds over and over
Let me run into the rain touch the stars
With open arms and with a thousand smiles...
"You can spend your time alone till the end" - it's sounds over and over

Pull yourself together and start to live
I take care and care of my inside child
But I don't know if that'smy imagination...
Hey you! Do you hear me?
How much do I know? It seems like nobody care...
Hey you! Do you...

Commotion everywhere, emotions in my head...
Impassive shout, they are drowned. Morbid speed... Putrid game...

I just need someone to be there, waiting for me...
I don't want to be anymore, crying kid...

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