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Love Train

This song is by Restless Heart and appears on the album Matters Of The Heart (1994).

Love train is a-coming
Got my ticket and I'm ready to ride
On a love train
I'm burning up inside
I feel those wheels a-turning
I'm about to lose control
You've got my emotions churning
Come on, baby, are you ready to roll

On a love train
Love train

Love train, it's running right on time
Going insane, my heart is on the line
Looking good, honey, you and me
Could get on board and never come back
I'm steaming and I'm a-dreaming
You and me rolling down the track

On a love train
Love train

Love train, I come a-running when I hear you moan
You're the hottest thing from Detroit down to San Antone
See the lights telling me it's all right
To let our hearts collide
I'm looking at you for affection
Let's keep on stoking the fire

On a love train
Love train
I keep a-riding the rail of a love train
Love train

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