Resonance (1997)

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Compilation by various artists.
  1. Blowfish (Thump Junkie Mix) by Hate Dept.
  2. Bust It by Sister Machine Gun
  3. Curse by Pain Station
  4. Blissed (Sludge Mix) by Hellsau
  5. Bondage Night by Tom Muschitz
  6. Heart Of The Party (Banana Lid) by Severed Heads
  7. Absolute Zero by Oneiroid Psychosis
  8. Horses!? by Leng-Tche (with Matt Green of Spahn Ranch)
  9. Total Control by Eco-Hed
  10. Bogeyman by Joe Bishara
  11. Fire Lives In The Hearts Of All Men by 16 Volt (with Spahn Ranch)
  12. Invaders by Alien Faktor
  13. No More Ghosts by cEvin Key
  14. Space by The Rat Kings
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