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Song for an Earth Pony

This song is by Replacer and appears on the compilation Equestrian Revolution 4: Uprising (2016).

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These ponies say that I'm so talented
And they all say my songs are great
Sometimes I think it's all I'm good for
I'm hoping this is worth the wait

You know you'll always be my best pony
You're really more than I deserve
I wanna thank you for inspiring me
I shouldn't lie when truth will serve

I don't remember how it used to be
I can't imagine it was good
But everything just makes me worried now
I'd come and find you if I could

I really thought that I could save you
But on the day I wasn't there
I don't know how I'm meant to help you now
Maybe you're fine and you don't care

I hope you'll find yourself a place where you
Can just be everything you are
I like to think that I could be there too
I hope I didn't go too far

I hope you'll be okay without me
I hope you'll need me all the time
Maybe we'll do something just now and then
Maybe you'll help me find a rhyme

I wonder why I can't just have something
In life simplicity is grand
Still feel like every day is brighter now
There's so much left to understand

I hope one day I'll get to see you
I hope I'll get to see you smile
I hope one day you'll really like yourself...
I know one day you're gonna FLYYYYYYYY...

We could retire to the stratosphere
And just leave all of it behind
But I don't know if you would want to
Or if I'm even on your mind

Sometimes I wish that you just hated me
That might be easier to bear
Than being perfectly inadequate
When you're in need of someone dear

Sometimes I think it's just too big for me
What do I do with all this love?
I need to find this little earth pony
Can't do a thing from up above

I hope that nopony replaces... me...