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Something Better

This song is by Replacer.

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When this shade of blue is all I see
I think of what this life could be
If we facilitated something better

This unsatisfactory arrangement
That could lead to our estrangement
Can be rectified

I believe that I can find the will
Although I don't know how to illustrate
How much I want to make you smile and

This is what I chiefly understand
I think we need to form a band
We shouldn't have to hide

In a peaceful moment we may figure out
How best to plan to dig us out
And bring us to a lofty place now

I know we can formulate solutions
And endeavour to articulate
What we will need

All I'd like to say is that I'm filled
With the compulsion to eliminate
The kinds of things that make you cry and

All I'd like to know is that the day
Approaches when we'll have our way
If we can plant a seed

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