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A Pony Like Me

This song is by Replacer.

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Can you hear me talking, can you tell me what to say
Do you mind me hovering here, or am I in your way
I'm not really scared at all, just a bit confused
Wings don't make you fly or fall, if they're never used
I don't know quite how to show
I think I've found a pony like me

Colours all decay until our bluest skies all rain
Do you see no way to save it, can you please explain
World ablaze in harmony, village full of friendship
Do you think you fit in here, do you seek to end it
All this time spent in your mind
I think you need a pony like me

Well a pony like me
Can be tragic to see
When we can't help but flee
From new things that might be
Do you think that we'll find
We're not of the same mind
Take a chance and just be
With a pony like me

Can you hear me speaking, can you tell me what I said
Can't make out what's happening, it's too dark inside my head
If I flew into the sun, would it help me see
Would you want to join me there, would it set you free
If you're shy don't worry I'm
Just glad if there's a pony like me

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