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No worry, the suburb can fall in sleep
Nothing gonna happen in these dark streets
Tonight the damn son of the cold dormitory slums
Is gone to Paris in his Simca 1000 (old french car from the 70's)

There will be blood on the walls of the city
So stop laughing sweet girls
There is a kind of dog, a lonely wolf
Who is getting close to Paris, is name: Gerard Lambert

Lambert, it's a hero, so he can't die
With him we will have great adventures
The kind of stories that make us scream and tremble
In the night, in the wind and in the cold

He is relax in is car
Listening Capdevielle (french singer) on his radio
He really likes it, specially the lyrics
Even if sometimes he feels like it's not nerd enough

Through the windshield wiper, only one working properly
He sees the rain falling on the highway
He misses the exit to Paris, he ends up in the Bois de Boulogne (Forest at the periphery of Paris, famous for its prostitutes)
He is totally lost in this evil place

He starts to panic but more than anything he is pissed off
Tonight he had a date in Paris with a chick
If he's late, he gonna lose her
With his luck he gonna be arrested by the cops

He's been there for a while now, turning around in the dark
Here comes the fog, that's normal we are in winter
For the atmosphere of the song, we need some rain
And a creepy place like in thriller movies

In the light of his car unexpectedly, sudenly
He sees a shadow on the side of the road
"Finally a human presence!" He thinks
I gonna ask my way to this lost soul

He stops his Simca 1000 close to a wood made tree
And by feet in the dark under the rain which never ends
He goes deep in the forest, running after the chick
Cause it's a girl, he's sure about it, his instinct never fail

She's young and beautiful, all dressed in red
Her long hair is dropping on her angel face
"Goddamn!" thinks Lambert, "the Red Riding Hood"
"I am a lonely wolf, what I'm gonna do? Am I gonna eat her?"

He already thinks about the babe's basket
The little butter pot for grandma and the pastries
Bad luck for him, she only had in her frilly basket
Two small grapes and half of a french baguette

She said "OK sweetie, for you that will be 100 bucks"
Hearing that voice, Lambert saw the rip off
He punched this creature in the face
And ran in the night to the next adventure