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Album by Rename.
  1. Maybe Later I Will Dance
  2. Who Needs The World (Extended Mix)
  3. Ex-L (US Edit)
  4. Hey Cowboy (Original Demo)
  5. Something Painful Must Have Happened (Original Demo)
  6. Limelight (Roxy Mixshow Instrumental)
  7. You Don't Deserve My Love (US Edit)
  8. Maybe Later I Will Fall (Original Demo)
  9. We Both Know Who's Wrong (Original Demo)
  10. Ex-L (Original Dub Mix)
  11. It Doesn't Matter (Original Demo)
  12. The Place Where We Parted (Original Club Mix)
  13. Summer Breeze (Original Club Mix)
  14. Compromise Letter (Original Demo)
  15. Maybe Later I Will Fall (Reprise)

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