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This song is by Reffer.

What's your position? your definition? No matter your questions say yes or no!
We forbid your omission, a new war will come to leave the breakdown our weapons need your vote condemnation for who's don't support us in our hypocrite truth absolutely supreme you should accept our conditions

Os EUA por várias décadas vêem esmagando e explorando o terceiro mundo deliberadamente, e estão envolvidos 'em uma série de atrocidades,
Atentados políticos, embargoes econômicos, intervencionismo, uniteralismo 'em questões globais, ataques terroristas internacionais, portando-se radicalmente como grupos fundamentalistas

I just want your permission to bring my revenge
So give me your badge or no... let's create our links and enemies

O fundamentalismo americano é a grande fonte responsável pelo terrorismo na Terra

One more great imperial game we'll play. trust in my truism! fuck the rejections.
Hidding intentions about world instructions you can't be neutral, less or more, let's fight together against the axies of evil
History made by greed, hypocrite democracy, imperealist hegemony.

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