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Freak Mode - The Reelists

This song is by Reel.

What's up in here man?
Donna trashed the place
What did you do?
Break it down to us what happened...

She... greeted me casually
Felt like she was a friend to me
When I met her for the first time
And I was seeing a friend of hers
Everything you wish a girl can be
The greatest treasure in my life
Then a week ago my baby came home
You'll never guess who with
Received a call that she had to go
And left her friend with me to chill
Gradually she moved closer
Giving me the pleasure to view her
Then she brushed her hair aside
And dropped one hell of a line
(She said)

Now we're all alone
So no one has to know
Put ya body into freak mode
Just go with the flow
Then she gave a sign
Then she flashed me her behind
I put my body into freak mode
Just go with the flow

And now I... I... I been lovin' her frequently
In the park in the dark
In the movie gettin' nasty
Where nobody can be watching me
I know I'm taking my chance
To deal with you the same as you began to dance
Tell me what am I to do
When she's cryin' I want you!
(I'd tell her no) I tell her no
(You bit of rough to go) you bit of rough to go
She said Freak Mode freak mode
(I said Freak Mode) (Freak Mode)
Now she's on the floor on all fours sayin'
(Why you holdin' back you know you want some more)
Now I could never rely on the day that girl when she get ...

She got me sprung on the couch
(What there?)
Yeah that couch there
(Oh My God)

This situation is just killing me
And it wasn't meant to be
I don't know what came over me
Now I'm about to change my mind
As I watch you from behind

(Breaking Glass)

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