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Lone Star Beer & Bob Wills Music

This song is by Red Steagall.

My yellow rose of Texas packed up
And left this morning
I don't know where she's gone
And most of all, I don't know why

I only know I've got the blues
I've never been this lonesome
It's enough to make a man
Lay down and die

Lone star beer and Bob Wills music
When I hear faded love, I feel at home
Love star beer and Bob Wills music
Have kept my heart alive since you've been gone

Got a pocket full of quarters
To feed to that old juke box
Bob Wills music helps
To keep that woman off my mind

Bartender keep that lone star comin'
Long as I got money
'Cause I plan on bein' here till closin' time


Written by:

Red Steagall; Glenn Sutton

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