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The Prettiest Dress

This song is by Red Sovine.

Well hun,
We both knew this time just had to come.
But the thing we didn't know was,
Which of us would be the first to go.
Ah they just brought you home sweetheart.
And I've asked the kids and the grandchildren too
Wait outside a minute or two.
'Cause I wanted some time by myself,
To share some old memories with you.

Why, I remember the first time I saw you,
And the way you stole this old heart of mine.
And the first present I ever gave you,
Was the prettiest dress that I could find.

Ah we courted awhile.
And I just nearly drove you wild,
Till you finally said you'd be mine.
And I gave you that ring and one other thing...
The prettiest dress that I could find.

Ah we shared joyed and tears for
The next fifty six or seven years.
But honey, All I can recall are the good times.
And the way that I would prove how much I loved you.
Was with the prettiest dress that I could find.

Now, I thought my love was strong, a-a-a-and It was.
But, when the kids came along,
I was just as helpless as I could be.
But you'd just lay there and grin,
When I came strutting in
With the prettiest dress I could find.

But darling, It's so different this time.
Why, There just wasn't a thing I could do.
And you know how I always go to pieces,
When something happens to you.
Well, I'd just like to say I love you
And, Sweetheart, You look just fine.
But before I go, I want you to know.
That you're waring the prettiest dress
That I could find... Yes you are.

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