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Northern Dream (1971)Edit

Bill Nelson - Northern Dream

Northern Dream

  1. Photograph (A Beginning)
  2. Everyone's Hero
  3. House Of Sand
  4. End Of The Seasons
  5. Rejoice
  6. Love's A Way
  7. Northern Dreamer
  8. Bloo Blooz
  9. Sad Feelings
  10. See It Through
  11. Smile
  12. Chymepeace (An Ending)

Sound-on-Sound (1979)Edit

Red Noise - Sound On Sound


  • as Bill Nelson's Red Noise
  1. Don't Touch Me (I'm Electric)
  2. For Young Moderns
  3. Stop/Go/Stop
  4. Furniture Music
  5. Radar in My Heart
  6. Stay Young
  7. Out of Touch
  8. A Better Home in the Phantom Zone
  9. Substitute Flesh
  10. The Atom Age
  11. Art/Empire/Industry
  12. Revolt Into Style
Bonus tracks on the 2012 reissue:
  1. Wonder Toys That Last Forever (from Furniture Music single)
  2. Acquitted by Mirrors (from Furniture Music single)
  3. Stay Young (live)
  4. Out of Touch (live)
  5. Stay Young (BBC session)
  6. Furniture Music (BBC session)
  7. Don't Touch Me (I'm Electric) (BBC session)
  8. Out of Touch (BBC session)

Quit Dreaming And Get On The Beam (1981)Edit

Bill Nelson - Quit Dreaming And Get On The Beam

Quit Dreaming And Get On The Beam

  1. Banal
  2. Living In My Limousine
  3. Vertical Games
  4. Disposable Incorrectly spelled "Disposible" on the CD liner and in the accompanying booklet.
  5. False Alarms
  6. Decline And Fall
  7. White Sound
  8. Life Runs Out Like Sand
  9. A Kind Of Loving
  10. Do You Dream In Colour
  11. U.H.F.
  12. Youth Of Nation On Fire
  13. Quit Dreaming And Get On The Dream
    Bonus tracks on 2005 CD:
  14. Mr. Magnetism Himself
  15. Living in My Limousine (Remix)
  16. Birds Of Tin
  17. Love In The Abstract
  18. Be My Dynamo
  19. Rooms With Brittle Views
  20. All My Wives Were Iron

Sounding The Ritual Echo (Atmospheres For Dreaming) (1981)Edit

Bill Nelson - Sounding The Ritual Echo (Atmospheres For Dreaming)

Sounding The Ritual Echo (Atmospheres For Dreaming)

  1. Annunciation
  2. The Ritual Echo
  3. Sleep
  4. Near East
  5. Emak Bakia
  6. My Intricate Image
  7. Endless Orchids
  8. The Heat In The Room
  9. Another Willingly Opened Window
  10. Vanishing Parades
  11. Glass Fish (For The Final Aquarium)
  12. Cubical Domes
  13. Ashes Of Roses
  14. The Shadow Garden
  15. Opium

Das Kabinett (1981)Edit

Bill Nelson - Das Kabinett

Das Kabinett

  1. The Asylum
  2. Waltz
  3. The Fairground
  4. Doctor Caligari
  5. Cesare The Somnambulist
  6. Murder
  7. The Funeral
  8. The Somnambulist And The Children
  9. Caligari Disciplines Cesare
  10. Caligari Feeds Cesare
  11. Caligari Opens The Cabinet
  12. Jane Discovers Cesare
  13. The Attempted Murder Of Jane
  14. The Dream Dance Of Jane And The Somnambulist
  15. Escape Over The Rooftops
  16. The Unmasking
  17. The Shot
  18. The Cabinet Closes

Flaming Desire And Other Passions (1982)Edit

Bill Nelson - Flaming Desire And Other Passions

Flaming Desire And Other Passions

  1. Flaming Desire (long version)
  2. Flesh
  3. The Passion
  4. The Burning Question
  5. He And Sleep Were Brothers
  6. Haunting In My Head

The Love That Whirls (Diary of a Thinking Heart) (1982)Edit

Bill Nelson - The Love That Whirls

The Love That Whirls

  1. Empire of the Senses
  2. Hope for the Heartbeat
  3. Waiting for Voices
  4. A Private View
  5. Eros Arriving
  6. The Bride of Christ in Autumn
  7. Flesh not on LP
  8. He and Sleep Were Brothers not on LP
  9. When Your Dream of Perfect Beauty Comes True
  10. Flaming Desire
  11. Portrait of Jan With Flowers
  12. The Crystal Escalator in the Palace of God Department Store
  13. Echo in Her Eyes (The Lamps of Oblivion)
  14. The October Man

La Belle Et La Bete (1982)Edit

Bill Nelson - La Belle Et La Bete

La Belle Et La Bete

  1. Overture
  2. The Family
  3. Sisters & Sedan Chairs
  4. In The Forest Of Storms
  5. The Castle: The Gates/The Corridor/The Great Hall/Dreams (The Merchant ...)
  6. The Rose And The Beast
  7. Magnificent (The White Horse)
  8. Beauty Enters The Castle: The Door/The Mirror/Candelabra And Gargoyles
  9. Beauty And The Beast
  10. Transition No. 1
  11. Transition No. 2
  12. The Hunt
  13. The Gift
  14. The Garden
  15. Transition No. 3
  16. Transition No. 4
  17. The Tragedy
  18. Transition No. 5
  19. The Enchanted Glove
  20. Tears As Diamonds (The Gift Reverses)
  21. The Beast In Solitude
  22. The Return Of Magnificent
  23. Transition No. 6 (The Journey)
  24. The Pavilion Of Diana
  25. Transition No. 1
  26. Transition No. 2
  27. The Final Curtain

Chimera (1983)Edit

Bill Nelson - Chimera


  1. The Real Adventure
  2. Acceleration
  3. Everyday Feels Like Another New Drug
  4. Tender Is the Night
  5. Glow World
  6. Another Day, Another Ray of Hope

Savage Gestures for Charm's Sake (1983)Edit

Bill Nelson - Savage Gestures for Charm's Sake

Savage Gestures for Charm's Sake

  1. The Man In The Rexine Suit
  2. Watching My Dream Boat Go Down In Flames
  3. The Meat Room
  4. Narcosis
  5. Another Happy Thought (Carved For Ever In Your Cortex)
  6. Portrait Of Jan With Moon And Stars

Vistamix (1984)Edit

Bill Nelson - Vistamix


  1. The Real Adventure
  2. Flaming Desire
  3. Acceleration
  4. Empire Of The Senses
  5. Everyday Feels Like Another New Drug
  6. Do You Dream In Colour?
  7. A Kind Of Loving
  8. Tender Is The Night
  9. Glow World
  10. Another Day, Another Ray Of Hope

The Two-Fold Aspect Of Everything (1984)Edit

Bill Nelson - The Two-Fold Aspect Of Everything

The Two-Fold Aspect Of Everything

  1. White Sound
  2. Living In My Limousine (Remix)
  3. Hope For The Heartbeat (Remix)
  4. Touch & Glow
  5. Dada Guitare
  6. Move Without Fear
  7. Turn To Fiction
  8. Rooms With Brittle Views
  9. Love In The Abstract
  10. Hard Facts From The Fiction Department
  11. Hers Is A Lush Situation
  12. All My Wives Were Iron
  13. When The Birds Return
  14. Flesh
  15. Eros Arriving
  16. The Passion
  17. Ideal Homes
  18. Instantly Yours
  19. Atom Man Loves Radium Girl
  20. Mr. Magnetism Himself
  21. The Burning Questions
  22. He & Sleep Were Brothers

Trial By Intimacy - The Summer Of God's Piano (1985)Edit

Bill Nelson - Trial By Intimacy - The Summer Of God's Piano

Trial By Intimacy - The Summer Of God's Piano

  1. Antennae Two
  2. Transmission (N.B.C. 97293)
  3. The Sleep Of Hollywood
  4. The Celestial Bridegroom
  5. Under The Red Arch
  6. Orient Pearl
  7. Sacrament
  8. Falling Blossoms
  9. The Difficulty Of Being
  10. Zanoni
  11. The Chinese Nightingale
  12. Tantra
  13. Soon September (Another Enchantment)
  14. Rural Shires
  15. Perfidio Incanto
  16. The Lost Years
  17. The Charm Of Transit
  18. Night Thoughts (Twilight Radio)
  19. Wysteria
  20. Swing
  21. Snowfall
  22. Realm Of Dusk
  23. Over Ocean

Trial By Intimacy - Chamber Of Dreams (Music from the Invisibility Exhibition) (1985)Edit

Bill Nelson - Trial By Intimacy - Chamber Of Dreams (Music from the Invisibility Exhibition)

Trial By Intimacy - Chamber Of Dreams (Music from the Invisibility Exhibition)

  1. The Blazing Memory Of Innuendo
  2. Into The Luminous Future
  3. A Dip In The Swimming Pool Reactor
  4. Tomorrowland (The Threshold Of 1947)
  5. Listening To Lizards
  6. Endless Torsion
  7. My Sublime Perversion
  8. Eros In Autumn
  9. Sleeplessness
  10. The Latest Skyline
  11. Train Of Thought
  12. Parks And Fountains, Clouds And Trees
  13. The Golden Bough
  14. Forever Orpheus
  15. In Arcadia
  16. Sentimental
  17. Autumn Fires
  18. Wild Blue Yonder

Trial By Intimacy - Pavilions Of The Heart And Soul (1985)Edit

Bill Nelson - Trial By Intimacy - Pavilions Of The Heart And Soul

Trial By Intimacy - Pavilions Of The Heart And Soul

  1. Gift Of The August Tide
  2. Loving Tongues
  3. Blue Nude
  4. In The Realm Of Bells
  5. Your Nebulous Smile
  6. The Glance Of A Glittering Stranger
  7. Another Kiss For Your Slender Neck
  8. The Warmth Of Women's Eyes
  9. Seduction (Ritual With Roses)
  10. Dreamed Embraces
  11. Four Pieces For Imaginary Strings: Herself With Her Shadow
  12. Four Pieces With Imaginary Strings: The Exquisite Corpse
  13. Four Pieces With Imaginary Strings: Ardent Hands
  14. Four Pieces With Imaginary Strings: Her Laughing Torso
  15. Migrating Angels
  16. Les Amoureux
  17. Meshes Of The Afternoon
  18. Mountains Of The Heart
  19. Willow Silk
  20. Tender Encounters (States Of Grace)
  21. Melancholia
  22. The Eternal Female

Trial By Intimacy - A Catalogue Of Obsessions (1985)Edit

Bill Nelson - Trial By Intimacy - A Catalogue Of Obsessions

Trial By Intimacy - A Catalogue Of Obsessions

  1. Sex Party Six
  2. Wider Windows For The Walls Of The World
  3. Time In Tokyo
  4. Happily Addicted To You
  5. Snakes With Wings
  6. The Boy Pilots Of Bangkok
  7. Erotikon
  8. Birds In Two Hemispheres
  9. Windmills In A World Without Wind
  10. Love's First Kiss
  11. Initiation Of The Heart's Desire
  12. Edge Of Tears
  13. Test Of Affection
  14. Words Across Tables
  15. A Promise Of Perfume
  16. This Dangerous Age
  17. The Glass Breakfast
  18. Talk Technique
  19. The Last Summer For Dancing
  20. View From A Balcony

Chameleon (1985)Edit

Bill Nelson - Chameleon


  1. City One
  2. Science And Sacrament
  3. Machine Voodoo
  4. Chameleon
  5. Circular Tour
  6. The Shape Of Things To Come
  7. Astro Logic
  8. Tropicus
  9. O Vee
  10. On The Beam
  11. Mex-Arcana
  12. Man Machine
  13. Hip-No-Tize
  14. New Dream Island
  15. Blue Sky
  16. To The Sea In Ships
  17. Blonde And Built To Last
  18. To A Child
  19. Rosalia
  20. Golden Shrine
  21. Playback
  22. Designer Dance
  23. On The Beach
  24. Like A Dream
  25. Mitsukini

Getting the Holy Ghost Across (1986)Edit

Bill Nelson - Getting the Holy Ghost Across

Getting the Holy Ghost Across

  1. Suvasini
  2. Contemplation
  3. Theology
  4. Wildest Dreams
  5. Lost In Your Mystery
  6. Rise Like A Fountain
  7. Age Of Reason
  8. The Hidden Flame
  9. Because Of You
  10. Pansophia
  11. Heart And Soul
  12. Living For The Spangled Moment
  13. Feast Of Lanterns
  14. Illustions Of You
  15. Word For Word
  16. Finks And Stooges Of The Spirit
  17. Nightbirds
  18. The Yo-Yo Date

Ecclesia Gnostica (Music For The Interior Church) (1987)Edit

Bill Nelson - Ecclesia Gnostica (Music For The Interior Church)

Bill Nelson - Ecclesia Gnostica (Music For The Interior Church)

  1. Set Me As A Seal Upon Thine Heart
  2. Mysterium
  3. Katharos
  4. Day Of Eternity
  5. Evening Adoration
  6. Ecclesia Gnostica
  7. Young Angels By An Ancient River
  8. Finis Gloria Mundi

Chance Encounters In The Garden Of Lights (1987)Edit

Bill Nelson - Chance Encounters In The Garden Of Lights

Chance Encounters In The Garden Of Lights

The Angel At The Western Window
  1. West Deep
  2. The Spirit Cannot Fail
  3. Pilots Of Kite
  4. Seventh Circle
  5. Phantom Gardens
  6. Angel Of Hearth And Home
  7. Villefranche Interior
  8. Night Tides
  9. First Memory
  10. Azure Extension
  11. Radiant Spires
  12. The Evening Peal
  13. Threnodia
  14. A Short Drink From A Certain Fountain
  15. Body Of Light
  16. At The Center
  17. Self-Initiation
  18. The Word That Became Flesh
  19. The Hermetic Garden
  20. Revolving Globes
  21. The Four Square Citadel
  22. Little Daughters Of Light
  23. Orient Of Memphis
  24. The Angel At The Western Window
  25. The Piano Room
  26. Rain Dance
  27. Aching Heart
  28. Arising
  29. Welcome To Realm Seven
  30. Without A Blue Horizon
  31. Female Nebula
  32. Demon Raising
  33. Burning The Grove Of Satyrs
  34. The Stuff That Dreams Are Made Of
  35. Realm Of Archons
  36. The Rossetti Effect
  37. Infinite Station
  38. Piano Angelica
The Book Of Inward Conversation
  1. My Dark Daemon
  2. The Dove Consumed (The Serpent Slumbers)
  3. Calling Heaven, Calling Heaven, Over
  4. Path Of Return
  5. Theurgia
  6. Staircase To No Place
  7. Evocation Of A Radiant Childhood
  8. The Kingdom Of Consequence
  9. The Divine Raptures Of Sisterhood
  10. Bright Star (Moonlight Over Ocean Blue)
  11. A Bird Of The Air Shall Carry Thy Voice
  12. Clothed In Light Amongst The Stars
  13. Gnosis
  14. Bringers Of Light To The Feast
  15. Hastening The Chariot Of My Heart's Desire
  16. Transcendant
  17. Consolamentum
  18. Set Me As A Seal Upon Thine Heart
  19. Mysterium
  20. Katharos
  21. Day Of Eternity
  22. Evening Adoration
  23. Ecclesia Gnostica
  24. Young Angels By An Ancient River
  25. Finis Gloria Mundi

Map Of Dreams (1987)Edit

Bill Nelson - Map Of Dreams

Map Of Dreams

  1. Legions Of The Endless Night
  2. Spinning Creatures
  3. At The Gates Of The Singing Garden
  4. Heavenly Message Number One
  5. Heavenly Message Number Two
  6. Heavenly Message Number Three
  7. Fellini's Picnic
  8. Dark Angel
  9. Infernal Regions
  10. Dance Of The Fragrant Woman
  11. The Alchemy Of Ecstasy
  12. Aphrodite Adorned
  13. The Wheel Of Fortune & The Hand Of Fate
  14. Forked Tongues, Mixed Blessings
  15. Another Tricky Mission For The Celestial Pilot
  16. Water of Life (Transfiguration)

Simplex (1990)Edit

Bill Nelson - Simplex


  1. Awakening
  2. Almost Unchanging
  3. Bittersweet
  4. Ringing True
  5. Celestial East
  6. Some Distant Time
  7. The Profound Sanctuary Of The Human Heart
  8. Forms In Open Spaces
  9. Raindrum
  10. Female Form
  11. Archetypes
  12. Solid Spaces
  13. Abstracted
  14. Heptarchia
  15. Climbing
  16. Waiting For Rain
  17. Aqua Magica
  18. Summer Shower
  19. Hammertheme
  20. The Cloud Of Unknowing
  21. Bending A Knee At The Altar Of Sacrifice
  22. A Parting Of The Ways
  23. Bronze
  24. To Jan From The Shining Stars
  25. Arrangement Of Roses
  26. Likewise Is Said Elsewhere
  27. Child Of The Dream
  28. The Enclosed Garden
  29. The Christmas Gift
  30. Heros De Lumiere
  31. Your Morning Blessing

Altar Pieces (1990)Edit

Bill Nelson - Altar Pieces

Altar Pieces

  1. Prima Materia (First Matter)
  2. Arbor Philosophica (Tree of Philosophy)
  3. Opus Hermeticum (The Work of Hermes)
  4. Signum Natura (Symbolic Nature)
  5. Mysterium Magnum (The Great Secret)
  6. Clavis Angelicae (Key of Angels)
  7. Sanctus Illuminatus (The Sacred Illuminated)
  8. Accessio Lucis (The Coming Light)

Crimsworth - Flowers, Stones, Fountains and Flames (1995)Edit

Bill Nelson - Crimsworth - Flowers, Stones, Fountains and Flames

Crimsworth - Flowers, Stones, Fountains and Flames

  1. Track One
  2. Track Two

Practically Wired...Or How I Became Guitarboy (1995)Edit

Bill Nelson - Practically Wired...Or How I Became Guitarboy

Practically Wired...Or How I Became Guitarboy

  1. Roses And Rocketships
  2. Spinning Planet
  3. Thousand Fountain Island
  4. Piano 45
  5. Pink Buddha Blues
  6. Kid With Cowboy Tie
  7. Royal Ghosts
  8. Her Presence In Flowers
  9. Big Noise In Twangtown
  10. Tiny Little Thing
  11. Wild Blue Cycle
  12. Every Moment Infinite
  13. Friends from Heaven
  14. Eternal for Emiko

After The Satellite Sings (1996)Edit

Bill Nelson - After The Satellite Sings

After The Satellite Sings

  1. Deeply Dazzled
  2. Tomorrow Yesterday
  3. Flipside
  4. Streamliner
  5. Memory Babe
  6. Skull Baby Cluster
  7. Zoom Sequence
  8. Rocket To Damascus
  9. Beautiful Nudes
  10. Old Goat
  11. Squirm
  12. Wow! It's Scootercar Sexkitten!
  13. Phantom Sedan
  14. Ordinary Idiots
  15. V-Ghost
  16. Blink-Agog

Electricity Made Us Angels (1997)Edit

Bill Nelson - Electricity Made Us Angels

Electricity Made Us Angels

  1. Begin to Burn
  2. Heaven's Happy Hemisphere
  3. God in Her Eyes
  4. Float Away
  5. Big Blue Day
  6. Sweet Is the Mystery
  7. If Wishes Were Horses
  8. Fair Winds and Flying Boats
  9. Ocean Over Blue
  10. River of Love
  11. This Is Destiny
  12. Wonders Never Cease
  13. Nothing Yet
  14. God Thundered Boy
  15. She Sends Me

Atom Shop (1998)Edit

Bill Nelson - Atom Shop

Atom Shop

  1. Wild And Dizzy
  2. Dreamsville
  3. Magic Radio
  4. Pointing At The Moon
  5. Train With Fins
  6. Popsicle Head-Trip
  7. Propeller Of Legend
  8. Viva La Voom-Voom
  9. Billy Infinity
  10. She Gave Me Memory
  11. My World Spins
  12. Rocket Ship
  13. Girlfriend With Miracles
  14. Spinning Dizzy On The Dial
  15. Atom Shop (Is Closing)

Weird Critters (1998)Edit

Bill Nelson - Weird Critters

Weird Critters

  1. Rain And Neon
  2. Candyland
  3. Birds And Blue Stuff
  4. Radiated Robot Men
  5. Coney Island
  6. Weird Critters
  7. Golden Satellites
  8. The Brotherhood Of Sleeping Car Porters
  9. Quarter Moons And Stars
  10. Wonder Story
  11. Cool Blue Heaven
  12. Far Too Flip
  13. Realm Rider
  14. Angels In Arcadia

What Now, What Next (1998)Edit

Bill Nelson - What Now, What Next

What Now, What Next

Disc One
  1. The Strangest Things, The Strangest Times
  2. Do You Dream In Colour
  3. Radiant Spires
  4. Lady, You're A Strange Girl
  5. Exactly The Way You Want It
  6. Playing Jesus To Her Judas
  7. Over Ocean
  8. Devil In Me
  9. Several Famous Orchestras
  10. Working Man
  11. First Boy On The Moon
  12. Let It All Pass You By
  13. The Profaned Sanctuary Of The Human Heart
  14. Sell My Soul
  15. The Garden
  16. Edge Of The World
Disc Two
  1. Heartbeat Thru' The Telephone
  2. Fellini's Picnic
  3. The World Wakes Up
  4. Skies Are Not Cloudy
  5. Love's Immortal Shining Angel
  6. A Promise of Perfume
  7. Bronze
  8. Bride of The Atom
  9. News From Nowhere
  10. Les Amoureux
  11. Kiss It Off
  12. Astroluxe
  13. Opium
  14. Windmills In A World Without Wind
  15. Um, Ah, Good Evening

Whistling While The World Turns (2000)Edit

Bill Nelson - Whistling While The World Turns

Whistling While The World Turns

  1. Manipulating The Phonograph
  2. Dreamland Avenue
  3. Unforgetting
  4. The Boy Who Learned Everything
  5. Space Ranch
  6. Big Yellow Moon
  7. Sleepy Snakes
  8. Roses, Haloes, Crown Of Thorns
  9. Parklands Drive
  10. All This And A Girl Like You
  11. Quiet Planet
  12. Whistling While The World Turns
  13. Fortune Favours The Fall Guy
  14. Ghosts Of Invisible Things
  15. Sunny Bungalows
  16. Older Joe
  17. Autumn Stars

Caliban And The Chrome Harmonium (2001)Edit

Bill Nelson - Caliban And The Chrome Harmonium

Caliban And The Chrome Harmonium

  1. Fontana
  2. Beautiful Big Boobies
  3. American Moderne
  4. Sweet Dead Bunny
  5. My Pal Hal (For Mr. Budd)
  6. Grand Arcade
  7. Filligree
  8. Suburban Pearl
  9. Chiffon
  10. Years From Now
  11. A Short History Of The Future
  12. Bell Bird
  13. Pink Poodle Parade (Organ Version)
  14. Disneyland After Dark

Noise Candy (2002)Edit

Bill Nelson - Noise Candy

Noise Candy

Disc One: Old Man Future Blows The Blues
  1. Humming In The Void/Girl With The Thousand-Watt Smile
  2. Vista-Dome-Railcar
  3. Behold Dumb Wonders
  4. Dreamland Avenue
  5. Jet Town
  6. Atom Blasted Cadillac
  7. Rocket Science Ranchboy
  8. No Meaning
  9. Whatever I Do
  10. Emerald City
  11. One Way Track
  12. Nowhere Fast
  13. Real Thing This Time
  14. Buddha's Eyes Are Everywhere
  15. Rockarolla
  16. Swing Song
  17. Edge of Recall
  18. My Paranoia
  19. Tomorrow's World
  20. Blowin' The Dust Off The Book Of The Future
Disc Two: Stargazing With Ranger Bill
  1. Great Plains
  2. Big Yellow Moon
  3. Hot-Rod Racer
  4. That Was Then
  5. Space-Ranch
  6. Monorail
  7. Ghost Train
  8. All This And A Girl Like You
  9. More Rain
  10. The Lonesome Cowboy Radio Show
  11. Sleepy Snakes
  12. Wild Lilac
  13. Perdita Rose
  14. World Of Dreams
  15. Real Gone
  16. Time Today
  17. The Cowboy Club
  18. High And Mighty
Disc Three: Sunflower Dairy Product
  1. Baby Ruth's Big Special
  2. First Boy On The Moon
  3. Down Comes The Rain
  4. Don't Cry, Space-Guy
  5. Peppermint Forever
  6. Magic Hill
  7. The World Wakes Up
  8. Dumb-World
  9. Lay-Zee Boy Receiver
  10. Nevertheless
  11. Bright 'N' Breezy
  12. The Hipster Gimmick
  13. Dreamgirl
  14. Soakin' In The Bathtub
  15. Star Sugar Sky
  16. Dreamboat Situation
  17. God's Own Neighbourhood
  18. Looking For A Lantern
  19. Existentialism
  20. Stars Will Shine
Disc Four: King Frankenstien
  1. Planet Of Guitars
  2. Half-Man, Half-Static
  3. Monster Over The Fence
  4. Buddha Smoked My Cigarettes
  5. The Invisible Venus Of New York City
  6. Sunny Bungalows
  7. Glittering Star
  8. Elevated Railway
  9. Luminous Intelligent Sexy Adults
  10. Sweet Little Dreamer
  11. My Luminous Planet
  12. Zip, Boom, Bang
  13. Reality Check
  14. Somewhere, Nowhere, Everywhere
  15. The Flower Thief
  16. Art For Art's Sake
  17. A Hat Like This
  18. Blink Of An Eye
  19. When Accident Became My Bride
  20. Horse Eats Hat
  21. King Frankenstien
Disc Five: Console
  1. Hello Children
  2. Quiety Now (Manipulating The Phonograph No. 2)
  3. Ethel's Attic
  4. Clouds Above The Corn
  5. Wonderful Weather In Woodgates Lane
  6. Filligree
  7. Memo Recorder Dream Narrative No. 1
  8. Pink Poodle Parade
  9. The Clock That Time Forgot
  10. Holiday Express
  11. No Bee In His Bonnet
  12. Dust And Sunbeams And The Ticking Of A Clock
  13. Adventure Annual
  14. Dreamstate USA (Memo Recorder Dream Narrative No. 2)
  15. Boy With Bubblepipe
  16. American Moderne
  17. Fuzzy Dux
  18. Rain Of A Caravan Roof
  19. A Short History Of The Future
  20. Ectoplasm Turbine
  21. Painted Boats On Still Waters
Disc Six: Playtime
  1. Futura
  2. Bakelite
  3. Lucky Sometimes
  4. Life Is Like This
  5. The Astral Tramways Of England
  6. Be Here Now
  7. Aloha Niagra
  8. My Elevated Sweetheart
  9. Ladders Leading Nowhere
  10. The Now That Never Was
  11. Enigmatron
  12. Bamboozled
  13. Hieronymous Bosch Beyond
  14. Being And Nothingness Land
  15. Lights Of Kingdom Come
  16. Before We Fall
  17. World Still Turns
  18. Dreaming Of A Girl
  19. What We Wish For
  20. Big Empty Sky
  21. Endless Autumn

Whimsy (2003)Edit

Bill Nelson - Whimsy


Disc One: Whimsy
  1. Nostalgia (For the Future)
  2. Slumberlite
  3. Let Flow The Wine
  4. Switch Off That Desert Sunset
  5. Magnetism Made Me Do It
  6. A Simple Thought Flashes Through My Mind
  7. Senor Mysterioso
  8. Ocean Full Of Wishes
  9. Swept Away
  10. Islands In The Sky
  11. Always Summer
  12. The Fundamental Blues
  13. My Favourite Urban Chrome-Green Sky
  14. Dizzy In The Head
  15. I Looked At The Sea
  16. The Girl Who Disappeared Into A Cloud
  17. Whimsy
  18. So Far
  19. The Violins Of Autumn
  20. Will
Disc Two: Whimsy Two (A Garage Full Of Clouds)
Whimsy Two

Whimsy Two

  1. Showtime
  2. Dumb Palooka
  3. Garage Full Of Clouds, Pt. 2
  4. Organola
  5. Perfect Bliss
  6. Powder Blue
  7. Here We Go
  8. When We Were Young
  9. Fairyland Before the Fire
  10. Cowboy Christmas
  11. Struck Dumb By Beauty Again
  12. Don't Be A Stranger
  13. The Light This Universe Attracts
  14. Sing Ye Golden Sunbeams, Sing
  15. Superslippy
  16. The Fabulous Fountain Of Your Savoir Faire
  17. A Star Named Desire
  18. Buzz Was Honey
  19. Over The Moon
  20. Close Your Eyes (The Sleepy Town Symphony)

The Romance of Sustain (Volume 1 Painting With Guitars) (2003)Edit

Bill Nelson - The Romance of Sustain (Volume 1 Painting With Guitars)

The Romance of Sustain (Volume 1 Painting With Guitars)

  1. This Very Moment
  2. Artifex
  3. Appolinaire
  4. It Just Doesn't Rain Like it Used To
  5. Rocket Rabbit's Secret Dream
  6. Transoceanic
  7. For Stuart (Triumph and Lament)
  8. Gloria Mundae
  9. Steamboat In The Clouds
  10. Real Men With Ray Guns
  11. Locarno
  12. Wondermonster
  13. Full Sail
  14. Black Fish/ Silver Bird

Custom Deluxe (2004)Edit

Bill Nelson - Custom Deluxe

Custom Deluxe

  1. My Electrical Empire
  2. Hank Marvin Goes To Mars
  3. Kitchenette
  4. The Home, The Light And The Third
  5. Boyhood Rockets
  6. Ocean Afternoon
  7. All Aboard The Skylark
  8. Spacesuit Parade
  9. I Remember Circus Boy
  10. Synchromatic
  11. Country Cola
  12. Scenic Elevator
  13. Dreams Returning To The Night
  14. Hostess Twinkle Vapourised
  15. Until The Blue Whenever

Dreamland To Starboard (2004)Edit

Bill Nelson - Dreamland To Starboard

Dreamland To Starboard

  1. Girlfriend In Mini-Skirt
  2. Creamy Clouds
  3. Gondola
  4. The Singing In The Air Above The Village Green
  5. Lost To Tomorrow
  6. I Am The Only Monster Here
  7. Burnished
  8. Tarnished
  9. Radio Waves Lap Memory's Shore
  10. Moments Flash Like Stars Between Them
  11. Ghost Of Gilded Ruin
  12. Circo Infantil
  13. Standard Fireworks
  14. All A Dream, After All
  15. The Diving Bell
  16. My Ever Gleaming Dreamertron
  17. All's Well In Wonderland

Satellite Songs (2004)Edit

Bill Nelson - Satellite Songs

Satellite Songs

  1. Times Of Our Lives
  2. Like Rain (Rust's Dim Lustre)
  3. Sphinx
  4. Hollywood Still Burning
  5. Garden In The Sky
  6. Somewhere Else Is Here
  7. Infinity Meets The Moment
  8. The Rise Of Pandemonium And The Fall Of Kingdom Come
  9. The Wind Blows Silver And The Bees Hum Gold
  10. Evening Tide
  11. Forever Blue Sings The Sky
  12. Sweet William's Epiphany

Rosewood (2005)Edit

Bill Nelson - Rosewood


  1. Blues For Orpheus
  2. Escondido Oleander
  3. Lumia
  4. Filament
  5. Lacuna
  6. Cascade (Improvisation For Three Harp Guitars)
  7. She Swings Skirt
  8. Mexico City Dream (For Gil Evans)
  9. Ventura
  10. The Girl In The Park In The Rain
  11. Apollonian Tremolo
  12. Giant Hawaiian Showboat
  13. Cremona
  14. The Land Of Lost Time
  15. Sleepless In The Ticking Dark

Rosewood Vol.2 (2005)Edit

Bill Nelson - Rosewood Vol.2

Rosewood Vol.2

  1. Tinderbox
  2. Aliumesque
  3. Little Cantina
  4. Rolling Home (Yorkshire Raga No.1)
  5. Sunbeam
  6. Bramble
  7. William Is Wearing The Cardigan Of Light
  8. The Autumn Tram (Yorkshire Raga No.2)
  9. Hi Lo La
  10. Rising Sap
  11. Blue Cloud
  12. See-Through Nightie
  13. Ordinary Storm, Waiting For Rain
  14. The Light Is Kinder In This Corner Of Corona
  15. Your Whole Life Dreaming

The Alchemical Adventures Of Sailor Bill (2005)Edit

Bill Nelson - The Alchemical Adventures Of Sailor Bill

The Alchemical Adventures Of Sailor Bill

  1. The Lighthouse Keeper's Waltz
  2. The Ceremonial Arrival Of The Great Golden Cloud
  3. Here Comes The Sea
  4. Dream Of Imperial Steam
  5. Sailor Blue
  6. Ship Of Summer, All Lights Blazing
  7. Illuminated Promenade
  8. The Ocean, The Night And The Big, Big Wheel
  9. A Boat Named St. Christopher
  10. Moments Catch Fire On The Crests Of Waves
  11. The Sky, The Sea, The Moon And Me
  12. My Ship Is Lost To Semaphore

Arcadian Salon (2006)Edit

Bill Nelson - Arcadian Salon

Arcadian Salon

  1. Premium Standard No. 1
  2. The Girl In The Galaxy Dress
  3. Take It Off And Thrill Me (Jazz Option)
  4. Memory Skyline
  5. Distant Towns With Different Lights
  6. The Song My Silver Planet Sings
  7. Spaceport
  8. Superadventure
  9. Playful
  10. Transparent Towers At Dusk
  11. El Swingo Collapo
  12. The Rest Of The World Rolls By
  13. Wind Chimes Memory
  14. Take It Off And Thrill Me (Rock Option)
  15. Sequinned Skeleton Blues
  16. Snow Is Falling
  17. A Budda For My Brother

Neptune's Galaxy (2006)Edit

Bill Nelson - Neptune's Galaxy

Neptune's Galaxy

  1. My Ship Reclines On Clouds Of Sail
  2. She Signals From Across The Bay
  3. All Alone In A Boat Of His Own
  4. Costal Starlight
  5. Ship In A Bottle Blues (The Modern Mariner)

Return To Jazz Of Lights (2006)Edit

Bill Nelson - Return To Jazz Of Lights

Return To Jazz Of Lights

  1. Return To Jazz Of Lights
  2. Fearless Beauty
  3. Mysterious Chemicals Of Love
  4. It's A Big World And I'm In It
  5. October Sky
  6. For You And I
  7. Velocity Dansette
  8. Now Is Not And Never Was
  9. Windswept
  10. Always You
  11. Steam Radio Blues
  12. All These Days Are Gone (for Ian)

Gleaming Without Lights (2007)Edit

Bill Nelson - Gleaming Without Lights

Gleaming Without Lights

  1. Gleaming Without Lights
  2. North-East
  3. Rialto
  4. Billy Builds The World Of Tomorrow
  5. Glittering Rails
  6. Dreamland Illuminated
  7. Pilgrim (Fantasia On A Distantly Remembered Hymn)

Secret Club for Members Only (2007)Edit

Bill Nelson - Secret Club for Members Only

Secret Club for Members Only

  1. Blues For A Broken Time Machine
  2. Symphony In Golden Stereo
  3. Station Clock In Cloud Of Steam
  4. All Hail The Happy Captain
  5. Boyhood Shadows
  6. I Remember Marvelman
  7. Secret Club For Members Only
  8. Venus Over Vagas
  9. Superhappyeverafter
  10. The Futurian
  11. Ghost Show
  12. Jet Pack Jive
  13. That Was A BeautifulDream. She Said
  14. Men In Search Of The Milky Bosom
  15. Astron
  16. Hey. Bill Diddley !

And We Fell Into A Dream (2007)Edit

Bill Nelson - And We Fell Into A Dream

And We Fell Into A Dream

  1. And We Fell Into A Dream
  2. Somewhere In Far Tomorrow
  3. Fever Dream Of The Starlight Man
  4. The Raindrop Collector
  5. Night Song Of The Last Tram
  6. Dreamt I Was Floating In A Summer Sky
  7. The House At The End Of Memory Lane
  8. A Line Of Trees Gives Rise To Thought
  9. Blue Amorini
  10. Here Comes The Rain Comets
  11. Cloudy Billows Kiss The Moon
  12. The Rose Coloured Cottage At The End Of Time
  13. Streamlined Train, Passing Fast
  14. At Home In The Clouds
  15. Chapel Of Chimes

Silvertone Fountains (2008)Edit

Bill Nelson - Silvertone Fountains

Silvertone Fountains

  1. Beauty Rides The Last Bus Home
  2. The Fabuolous Whirlygig Of Now
  3. Autumn Drowns Apples In Golden Tides
  4. Silvertone Fountains
  5. La Vie Modern
  6. Slow Clouds
  7. Happy On My Helicopter Ha
  8. December Waltz
  9. The World Sleeps Late On New Years Day
  10. Young Dreams, Whirled Away
  11. Spearmint And Moonbeams
  12. We Vanish At Shadowfall
  13. The Bells Of Villefranche
  14. Fish Are Dancing At The Fountain Of Dreams
  15. Shower Of Sparks

Illuminated At Dusk (2008)Edit

Bill Nelson - Illuminated At Dusk

Illuminated At Dusk

  1. Switch On The Sky, Light Up The Stars
  2. The View From Mount Palomar
  3. Dance Of The Luminous Dials
  4. The Venetian Conjurer
  5. A Spirit Map Of Montparnasse
  6. Angels Obey Bells
  7. No Memories Here To Make You Sad
  8. Art Is My Aeroplane
  9. Silver Sailboat On Samsara Sea
  10. Springtime Comes A Dancing
  11. The Vanilla Summer Of Mr. Whippy
  12. Frankie Ukelele And The Fire In The Lake
  13. Lakeside
  14. The Eternal Fascinator
  15. Thoughts Without Friction
  16. Summer Over Soon
  17. Little Kisses Wrapped In Chocolate
  18. Illuminated At Dusk

Mazda Kaleidoscope (2008)Edit

Bill Nelson - Mazda Kaleidoscope

Mazda Kaleidoscope

  1. All The World Flies Kites Tonight
  2. Blue Skies Listen, The Unstruck Bell
  3. The Nebulous Adventures Of Newton Kyme
  4. Lamps Are Lit In The Land Of Tomorrow
  5. Yes And Always And Forever
  6. Evening Illuminator
  7. Mazda Kaleidoscope
  8. The Trace We Left When All Was Gone

Here Comes Mr Mercury (2009)Edit

Bill Nelson - Here Comes Mr Mercury

Here Comes Mr Mercury

  1. Never A Dull Day (for Les Paul)
  2. Coop's Place
  3. Six String Skyway
  4. The Standard Fireworks Stomp
  5. Teatime In The Republic Of Dreams
  6. Soda Fountain Swing
  7. Attempt To Re-assemble My Fragmented Self
  8. Autumn Noodle No.1
  9. A Dream For Ian
  10. Mars Welcomes Careful Drivers
  11. Here Comes Mr Mercury
  12. Dance Of The Pagan Energy Ghosts
  13. Tomorrow Today
  14. Red Planet Blues (The Ritual Transfiguration Of Spaceman Albert Fitzwilliam Digby)

Theatre Of Falling Leaves (2009)Edit

Bill Nelson - Theatre Of Falling Leaves

Theatre Of Falling Leaves

  1. Thoughts Travel (For Miles)
  2. You Here Now In William's World
  3. The Darcey Bussell Rubberwear Fantasia
  4. Tiny Mice Are Dancing In The Cottage Of Her Dreams
  5. Planet Of Sleeping Buddhas
  6. Pagoda Dreamhouse
  7. Tumbletown
  8. Dance, Mighty Robot, Dance!
  9. SuperSerene
  10. Theatre Of Falling Leaves
  11. Sparkle And Spin
  12. Space Ace Gets His Girl
  13. Django Dreams Of Twinkleland
  14. From Here To Far Orion

The Dream Transmission Pavilion (2009)Edit

Bill Nelson - The Dream Transmission Pavilion

The Dream Transmission Pavilion

  1. Billy And The High Blue Horizon
  2. Beauty Lifts Her Skirts
  3. The Sound From This Recording Travels To The Stars
  4. Once More Around The Moon
  5. Prarie Hula
  6. Kiss You Slow
  7. The Boy Who Knew The Names Of Trains
  8. Picture In A Frame
  9. Sway And Swoon
  10. A Thought For You
  11. Where Does It Come From, Where Does It Go?
  12. Transcendental Radios
  13. The Walls Of Which Are Made Of Clouds
  14. I Am The Captain
  15. Here I Am For You
  16. Once More Around The Moon (Monitor Mix)

Non-Stop Mystery Action (2009)Edit

Bill Nelson - Non-Stop Mystery Action

Non-Stop Mystery Action

  1. This Is Like A Galaxy.
  2. Welcome To The Dream Transmission Pavilion
  3. Yes And No
  4. When The Invisible Circus Comes To Town
  5. Materialisation Phenomena
  6. The Departure Of The 20th Century In A Hail Of Memory

Picture Post (2010)Edit

Bill Nelson - Picture Post

Picture Post

  1. Sunny Day For A Happy Postman
  2. Postcard To A Penfriend
  3. Music Spins My Globe
  4. I Send These Dreams To You
  5. A Christmas Cowboy Outfit
  6. Skimming Stones
  7. In Anticipation
  8. Shibuya Screen
  9. September Promenade
  10. Airmail Guitar
  11. A Day At West Acre
  12. Greetings From Surf Guitar Island
  13. Beach Hut Beauties
  14. Dream Of An American Streetcar
  15. Mobile Homes On The Range
  16. Surf King Sails In
  17. Big Ship
  18. Filigree Balcony
  19. Clouds Drift North
  20. The Toy Trumpet
  21. Pageant
  22. Emphatically Yours

Modern Moods For Mighty Atoms (2010)Edit

Bill Nelson - Modern Moods For Mighty Atoms

Modern Moods For Mighty Atoms

  1. One Thing Leads To Another
  2. Sky Scooter
  3. Speedboats From Another World
  4. In An Aeroplane
  5. The Dream Of The Unified Field
  6. Binky And The Dancing Astronomers
  7. Real Worlds And Dream Worlds
  8. The Kid With A Cuckoo Clock Heart
  9. What Station Is This?
  10. After The Rain, Pick The Fruit
  11. Binky's Blues
  12. Another Slice Of Wonder Cake
  13. Buddha And The Rain Cloud
  14. The Day That Came And Went
  15. Wing Thing

Fables And Dreamsongs (2010)Edit

Bill Nelson - Fables And Dreamsongs

Fables And Dreamsongs

  1. A Window Open Onto Eden
  2. Wireless World
  3. Machines Of Loving Grace
  4. Indoor Astronomy (Bella Luna)
  5. The Shining Staircase
  6. My Wonder Book Of Wings And Sails
  7. Beautiful Diamonds Are Falling From The Clouds
  8. Stranger Flowers Now Than Ever
  9. Way Back When
  10. The Drawing Room
  11. Pondering The Mystery
  12. Moon Gold Palladium

Captain Future's Psychotronic Circus (2010)Edit

Bill Nelson - Captain Future's Psychotronic Circus

Captain Future's Psychotronic Circus

  1. Captain Future's Psychotronic Circus (Plastic Mix)
  2. Sex And Drums And Saxophones
  3. Blue Sky Seeks Red Guitar
  4. Howlin' Wolf In Me
  5. Dance Of The Mullard Valvemen
  6. The Aerostatic Balloonist
  7. The Indelicate Levitation Of Katie's Skirts
  8. Full Colour Fontana
  9. The Man Who Was Tomorrow
  10. Sun Kings Suffer (As Time Goes By)
  11. The Mount Fuji Ice-Cream Factory
  12. Illuminated Sky With Pale Blue Lightning
  13. Neil Young
  14. Like A Woman Levitating
  15. Captain Future's Psychotronic Circus (Crystal Mix)

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