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Stop When... (1999)Edit

Red Lights Flash - Stop When...
Stop When...
  1. Press To Impress
  2. Songs And Dreams
  3. Pettifogger
  4. Is It Possible To...?
  5. Brand
  6. Liquid
  7. Of Course, We've Got A Nation
  8. War Called Peace
  9. Let 'Em Bomb
  10. Shame On You
  11. For Free
  12. Sidekicks

And Time Goes By (2001)Edit

Red Lights Flash - And Time Goes By
And Time Goes By
  1. No Reply
  2. P(owerful) C(hoices)
  3. Unanimous
  4. High Time For Setting Up A Wail
  5. The Red Tape
  6. The Stones Unturned
  7. No Life Assurance
  8. Contaminate The Unison
  9. Implied Warranty
  10. Glorified Servant - A Dedicated Man
  11. Every Single Breath
  12. Lose This Day

Free (2005)Edit

Red Lights Flash - Free
  1. Past Soul
  2. Last Come, First Served
  3. Saving My Time
  4. Boost The Economy
  5. Direct Action Gets The Goods
  6. The Time The Lights Went Out
  7. Carnival (Negatively Negative)
  8. Darkest Moments
  9. Making Choices
  10. Politics Of Hate
  11. Haven't We Aged Well?
  12. Your Waywardness
  13. Words, Context, Warfare

For Your Safety (2009)Edit

Red Lights Flash - For Your Safety
For Your Safety
  1. Join This Island
  2. The Tiniest Bit Of Truth
  3. The End Of History
  4. The Game We Are All In
  5. Cities Burn
  6. For Your Safety
  7. Divinity Needs Poverty
  8. A Black Book - Letterbox Company
  9. Snapshot
  10. How Did We Let Things Get To This Point
  11. Action Rewind
  12. A Rebel Without A Cause
  13. Fool Of Propaganda
  14. Is This A Place

Group MembersEdit

  • Christian - vocals, guitar
  • Christoph - guitar, vocals
  • Werner - vocals, bass
  • Constantin - drums

Related ArtistsEdit

Record LabelsEdit

Other SongsEdit

  1. Fuck You Fight Shoot
  2. Glorified Servant
  3. No Life Assurance (What Once Has Been Just Natural)
  4. P(Owerful).C(Hoices).

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