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​Forgetting Forever

This song is by Red Letter Day.

I had things wrapped up,
In this neat little package,
That you can't be a part of.
It's not your fault,
Don't apologize.
Why don't you just close your eyes,
And walk away?
I thought you were here to stay,
But I was wrong.
What took you so long,
To realize I wasn't right for you?

My head is spinning circles,
Where did I go wrong?

I hope one day when you're sitting there,
You'll stop and think of me.
Look back on what we used to have,
And know that you'll never get it back.

I wish you could see me now.
I'm doing fine,
In fact I'm better off without you.
It's no one's fault,
I've moved past the lie,
Of a better life I thought I had with you.
You, what should I do?
I won't sit back and think about,
What I could've done right with you.
Who knew?