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​Burning Bridges

This song is by Red Letter Day.

I don't understand how you could love someone like me,
But I guess we all pack some baggage love doesn't come so easily.

My past is filled with gloom that cludders my brain,
But you make me feel things that I can't explain.

And as I stand today before you,
I want to say how much I love you,
But it's not enough,
No it's not enough.
My love for you is more than just words,
Deep in my heart and soul I feel you,
You're all I need.
You complete me.

It takes understanding and patience too.
In time we'll cross new bridges and burn the old down to the ground.

I used to wonder if this trip would get cut short.
But you've unpacked your bags and I still feel the same.

Time stops I'm lost in your eyes.
Our bodies hug the moonlight.
You're all I need.
You complete me.