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​The End

This song is by Red Hot Cinnamon.

"You are the one
You are the only one I'll ever need
But we'd just begun
Thought we'd stay forever, I believed
It was our love
Our love that brightened my days
Your love had touched me
In so many different ways

Why did you leave me baby
The love of ours seemed everlasting
Why did you leave me baby
I thought of you as more than just a friend
But you thought less of me
So now I'm wondering
Is this really the end

Love at first sight
That was all it was before
Thought about you all night
There was no way I could ask for more
We were destined, baby
Destined to be together
If only I was a better lover
We would've stayed that way forever

Tell me baby
What have I done to deserve this
Talk to me baby
You don't know what you're missing

Is this really the end"