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Compilation by various artists.
  1. Too Funky by George Michael
  2. Do You Really Want to Know by George Michael
  3. Happy by George Michael
  4. Supernatural by Madonna (Original Arms House Mix)
  5. Crazy by Seal (If I Was Trev Mix)
  6. Set Adrift on Memory Bliss by P.M. Dawn (Richie Rich Mix)
  7. Change by Lisa Stansfield (Metamorphosis Mix)
  8. Apparently Nothin' by Young Disciples (The Re-Rub)
  9. Peace by Sabrina Johnston (Nu Mix)
  10. Thank You by Sly & The Family Stone (Todds CD Mix)
  11. Gypsy Woman by Crystal Waters (Joey Negro’s Mindmix)
  12. Unbelievable by EMF (The Hovering Feet Mix)
  13. Theme from Red Hot + Dance by Tomandandy (Gothic Mix)

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