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Elevator World

This song is by Red Herring and appears on the album The Sooner You Accept It (2006).

I don't wanna talk to you.
Please just push the "Close Door" button,
Throw a polite smile,
We just might get through.

Four awkward floors
'Til the next person can escape,
From this world locked behind these steely gates.
Don't say "hi" to me,
You might give me a tanic appack.

Why should I talk to you?
What can you offer,
Besides the weather
Or an inter-floor screw?

Goin' down.

Don't stand too close,
Don't move,
Don't brush against.

I prefer to socialize behind a thick, white picket fence.

Why should you talk to me?
In an Elevator World,
We can all co-exist peacefully.

Silence is golden.

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