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Cry Me A River

This song is by Red Flag and appears on the album The Lighthouse (1994).

A storm is breaking
I can see it in your eyes
And there's no mistaking
The fear a tear belies

Heaven knows I'm willing
I'll do my best we both know why
Can you find it in you
To give me one more try

Cry me a river
That leads me to the sea
Cry me a river
Only your tears can save me

The winds of change are blowing
I can hear it in your voice
For the last to know
Is the first to have no choice

Salt tears of love
That flows like a river into the sea
Salt tears of love
That flows like a river, wash over me

The storm is over
And I feel a sudden calm
For a love this strong
The truth could never harm

Heaven knows I'm willing
We did our best we both now why
Then you found it in you
To give me one more try

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