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This song is by Red Fang and appears on the album Murder the Mountains (2011).

This song is featured in the video games BandFuse: Rock Legends and Rocksmith 2014.
Kid, don't lose your cool
It's still too soon to have to choose a brighter doom
It's hard to believe
But I can see how there could be so little left to lose
(Cracking open skulls like cans of beans
On Christmas Eve)

Mama's not okay
She lights a candle for ev'ry day that you're away
Today could be the one she burns the motherfucker down
Her final act of grace
In a pointless, endless race

Kid, you're under fire
Your life is coming down to the wire
Maybe you'll take the Captain's hand
Carry his ship through burning sands
Cradle your rifle like a man

Mama says "No way," she's lost it all
You've got to stay to make her pay
She knows the fiend upon the throne's
A goddamn sucker for the stone
Until the day he dies alone