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The World Forgotten Sons

This song is by Red Circuit and appears on the album Homeland (2009).

The common man in disgrace
Raise his hand and pray to god

On a day we've lost our justice
He will speak for everyone - in the world

Once I saw how an angel died
It scared me to the bone
Alone on his way to hell
Direction: the wrong way?

It seems to me this is the revenge
For our sins over two thousand years

A stripped down truth
A naked fault
Where's a new day?

We're livin' in a cold place
With the world forgotten sons
The common man in disgrace
Speaks a prayer for everyone - to keep us alive

In love we go, but in chains we flee
The punch line of that game
And anyone who is free of sin
Might go for the first stone

It seems to me like a soul demise
The fate of the so called dead man

The search for final answers
Could it be they're finally found?

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