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Walk On My Hands

This song is by Red Box and appears on the album Motive (1990).

Would you believe there's a fork in my road?
Down the one way's a prince and the other one a toad
Eye to eye toe to toe
Well heads I lose and tails you choose which way I should go
I'm thinking! I'm thinking!

Now who would believe we'd be fighting a war?
And I always thought that's what soldiers were for
Two, four, nothing between your two sets of eyes
One tells the truth and the other tells me lies
Got me a double negative
I'm shouting in whispers: "Send me" Send me home..."

I'll run to you
Just as fast as I can
But my feet won't move
So I walk on my hands
I'd fly to you
But there's nowhere to land
Can't stay where I am

And if I should fall then a great big wheel
Will cut me in two from haircut to heel
Better dead, earth on your head and sky in your toes
There's no highway code on
The underwater road where the big fishes go

Up at the sharp end something gives
Lick me a finger, I'm thinking! I'm thinking!
Got me a double negative
I'm shouting in whispers: "Send me! Send me home..."

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