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​Leaders In Seventh Heaven

This song is by Red Box and appears on the album The Circle & The Square (1986).

Gather round
Did you know we live on dangerous ground?
Singing songs without a sound
A dollar a pound
Five years late
Come along now keep rolling
And she always had a head for dates
Come along now keep well
Hanging too low to be picked
The leader's in seventh heaven
Laughter and tears

And in between
All the things we might have been
O let me, o get me through
And later on
When the dirty deed is done
O let me, o get me through
I in way

When there's no more rope
And the titles are there
You can find a new leader
Most any-old-where

Eight left oars
As we row in aid of worthy cause
So call it in and shout it out
Never a doubt

Flames will roar
Now I hate to cut through strands of hope
And the sparks will glow from shore to shore
We've a ten foot hole and a five foot rope
You'd better pay for something more
The leader's in seventh heaven
Rolling up hills