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Cosmic Metaphysical Verisimilitude

This song is by Rectangles, features Mike Semesky of Raunchy and appears on the album Beating a Dead Horse (2015) by Jarrod Alonge.

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Traverse the cosmic void (Cosmic void)
I combine with the astral polygon (Polygon)
Calculating infinite particles (Particles)
Awaken to the gravitational entropy

(Emerge from the machine)

Ubiquitous translucent form
Reconnect with the liquid energy
Nebulous, reform the symbiotic galaxies
Destabilize the cosmic pulse

Sequencing continuous astrometric artifacts
Exploration of this nebulous

Blegh, celestial ambiguity
Hypothetical exegetical consciousness

What will become of our logarithmic
Exponential autonomous interferometry?

Cross between obsidian sub-orbitals (Sub-orbitals)
Multifractality will lead to catastrophe

Celestial amalgamations
Deep within the eclipse of the exosolar hypotenuse
Understand the hypothetical artifacts
I cannot fathom the accretion disk, symbiosis?


Protoplanetary singularity
Multidimensional spectral magnitude
Searching for magnetic resonance

Construct additional pylons
Vespene gas

Written by:

Jarrod Alonge and Drewsif Stalin

Produced by:

Jarrod Alonge, Drewsif Stalin and Joey Sturgis


This song is a parody of djent and mathcore bands, employing odd time signatures, unconventional song structure, and lyrics containing nonsensical mathematical and scientific jargon.