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Video game soundtrack by various artists.

Due to the use of licensed music, Double Damage Games were unable to release an actual soundtrack album, but gave out the track list in a blog post.

  1. Pumpin' Irony by Blues Saraceno
  2. Evil Ways by Blues Saraceno
  3. Smokin' Fire by Blues Saraceno
  4. Killin' Floor by Blues Saraceno
  5. Bad Man by Blues Saraceno
  6. 7th Born Son by Blues Saraceno
  7. God Damn Better by Kenneth Sorenson
  8. S'Alright by Kenneth Sorenson
  9. Hell on Wheels by Nick Nolan
  10. Quaker Bait by Dolph Taylor and Bart Hendrickson
  11. Screen Door Slam by Sam Wale
  12. Railroad Bible by Andy Hall and Clarence Buzz Chestnut
  13. Old River by The Blue News
  14. Promiseland by The Blue News
  15. Same Old Story by The Blue News
  16. Stay Gone for Good by The Blue News
  17. Bayou at Night by Big Blue Barry
  18. Not Afraid to Fight by Big Blue Barry
  19. Heavy Hands by C-Leb & the Kettle Black
  20. Killing Love by Flytrap
  21. Money Jungle by Nicholas Tremulis
  22. Dobro Slider Blues by Pat Andres
  23. Lead Foot by Phil Symonds
  24. Blue Billy by Abbas Premjee
  25. Moonshine Is Fine by Abbas Premjee
  26. Ready to Rip by The Loomers

Other SongsEdit

Some songs are present in the game files and audible in-game, but were left off of the official track list.

  1. When the Devil Calls by Blues Saraceno
  2. Number One Rival by Tango Alpha Tango
  3. The Devil Rides Out by Tombstone Three
  4. Roam by Ibra Bordsen

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