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The Art Of How To Fall

This song is by Rebekka Bakken and appears on the album The Art Of How To Fall (2003).

Yesterday I fell in love
and then again today
and the day before yesterday
and all the days before
I fall in love with everyone
and every time I fall
I fall in every way there is
with every little kiss

But today I fell in love again
like I never did before
deeper than I ever did
could not have fallen more
Who it was I fell for
I really can't recall
I simply want to truly know
the art of how to fall

I am falling
again and again
I am falling

The sweetness of a Hershey kiss
is nothing to a fall
to lose is everything there is
to have another ball
It's nothing less than heavens bliss
to know a moment's time
that all there is to know is
in the art of how to fall

I am falling again
and again I am falling

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