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Love May Seem Hard

This song is by Rebekka Bakken and appears on the album I Keep My Cool (2006).

Love may seem hard before
You know it in heart
And when you do there is
Nothing you can say to her

You cannot make her know it to,
Not with words maybe not even
Love can reach the guarded heart

That guarded heart of hers

You cannot save her, nor can anyone
But she

She will cry each time you smile
Because you do not share

Her lack of love
It's that guarded heart of hers

To a guarded heart there is danger
In each touch
Do not try to open it, it may not
Be her time to

Love may seem hard before
You know it in heart
When you do, you know
It's not for you to lose

Love does not lose
And love does not choose
Love is one can never be two

It's that guarded heart of hers

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