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If You Don't Ask For More

This song is by Rebekka Bakken and appears on the album Morning Hours (2009).

She'll make your day
Make your night
Make your wrongs all right
She'll make you smile
And remember how
Good it all is to live

But she can turn
She can fight
She can change sides
She can leave
When you need her most
It's hard cause you never know

So close your eyes - with joy at night
When she lies next to you

Thank heaven for that day
Thank heaven for this night
Know when she gives
She gives her all
Don't ask for more my friend
Cause that you know is the end

Don't you cry
Don't you call
When she waves goodbye
Let her leave don't ask reasons why
Smile and wish her well

And close your eyes - with joy at night
If she's not by your side

Thank heaven for those days
Thank heaven for the nights she gave
And know when she gives, she gives her all
If you don't ask for more
She'll come back to your door
Like all the times before
If you don't ask for more