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​As I Lay Myself Bare

This song is by Rebekka Bakken and appears on the album Is That You? (2005).

I was naked last night, the cold night and
I invited him to stay as long as he'd like
I spoke of love and the wonders of life
Didn't bother dressing, I had nothing to hide

But then he simply laughed at me
Saying "bare skin has no beauty
Especially not yours
Here is my advice

Remember the past,
So much easier that way
Hold on to the memories
Of bygone days
Then you know what you have
And your know what's to come
Nothing can harm you and I
Won't come to your home"

But then I simply looked at him
Saying "I don't mind you here
I knew that you would come as soon
As I lay myself bare"

As I lay myself bare
So here I am, I've got nothing to wear
Not even an image,
You've got nothing to scare
You might not like that
I'm stripped to the skin
I've got nothing to lose and
You've got nothing to win
As I lay myself bare