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Everything I Do

This song is by Rebecca St. James and appears on the album Rebecca St. James (1994).

If it weren't for You Lord I don't know where I'd be
I could fill the hours but never fill the need
I would still be searching, looking for the truth
But I've found a new life that only comes from You

Everything I do, Let it be in Your name, let it be for Your Glory, let it be for You
Everything I say, let it be in Your name
Let it be for Your glory, let it be for Your sake
'Cause I wanna please You, in everything I do

I want the world to see You when they look at me
And I want the world to hear You in every word I speak
So let my words be Your words and my actions too, so they'll find the new life that I have found in You

You filled up my empty heart, give the strength so that I can go on
You're the reason that my life has changed, and that's why I say...

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