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We're All Alone

This song is by Reba McEntire and appears on the album So Good Together (1999).

Outside the rain begins and it may never end.
So cry no more on the shore a dream will take us out to sea.
Forevermore, forevermore.
Close your eyes and dream and you can be with me.
Neath the waves, through the caves of hours.
Long forgotten now.

We're all alone, we're all alone.
Close the window,
Calm the lights and it will be all right.
No need to bother now.
Let it out, let it all begin.
And learn how to pretend.

Jose and Durval
Repetido ya. Lo antiguo pasara.
Fue amor, amantes y dolor.
Con el viento al volor. Abracame. O abracame.
Sin mirar vuelve a vivir.
Ambos sonando asi.
Sin importarnos mas.
Deja ya, regresa a vivir.
Empieza a disfrutar.
Solo yo, sola tu.

Close the window, calm the lights.

Jose and Durval
Ambos sonando asi. Sin importarnos mas.

Let it out,
Let it all begin.

Jose and Durval
Empieza na disfrutar amor.

Hold me dear.
All's forgotten
Now. My love.

Jose and Durval
Olvidados ya.

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