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Just A Little Love

This song is by Reba McEntire and appears on the album Just A Little Love (1984).

When our check bounces at the store
When the whole world seems at war
You bring me peace of mind once more
With just a little love

When the boss says I'm ten minutes late
And a stack of bills just won't wait
Mmm, you take the worries away
With just a little love

Just a little love
And affection
You bring a touch of perfection
To a world that's sometimes crazy and so mixed up
Just a little love
You have changed me
You make me see why the good Lord made me
And you can do miracles
With just a little love

When our old car won't run
And all my dreams come undone
You'll make it right, won'tcha hun?
With just a little love

When it seems like the truth's all gone
When I'm tryin' so hard to hold on
You make it easy to be strong
With just a little love

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